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BMW TV Unlock Procedure

Watch TV / Videotext during driving

This works on all BMW 5/7 Series with the Mark I Navigation System (has a male voice). For MkII models with female voice see bottom note.*

This works on the latest 99 7-series models as well. It does NOT seem to work for the BMWs 2000 onward 3/5/7 series.


1. Place Ignitions at Pos II

2. Enter TV mode

3. Enter "settings"

4. Enter "contrast"

5. When the green contrast bar is visible, push the knob and keep it pressed

6. Turn ignition off (keep button pressed!)

7. Wait 8-10 seconds (timing must be accurate!)

8. Release the knob

9. Turn on ignition again

The TV will now operate while the car is in motion. Obviously, this is for your passengers to watch, only an idiot will drive and watch TV.

To watch videotext use the same procedure as above, but choose
"brightness" instead of "contrast"


* For Mark II Models (with the female voice) use 'brightness' instead of 'contrast' for TV and 'Color' instead of 'Brightness' for videotext.