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Lost your Car Keys?

If you've lost your car keys (please read this first) replacement will normally need to cover at least two elements - the key blade being cut to the correct configuration and the key's transponder chip (see here) being programmed (so the vehicle starts).

The third element can be programming of remote locking, although this is normally just a luxury feature and not essential to be able to gain entry and drive the vehicle. See Programming Instructions for remote locking here.

If you've lost your car key and have no spares, do not despair. Many auto locksmiths and main dealers can cut your car key configuration from the chassis number of your vehicle. You can get the chassis number off your registration document (log book) and may need to provide it also as proof that you are the genuine owner of the vehicle. Some garages may ask for 2 forms of ID in addition to the log book.

To program the key's chip (transponder chip) manufacturers normally supply a code card with the vehicle when new. This card contains a unique code which is normally concealed below a scratch strip so only the owner of the vehicle should be able to see it. Main dealers and auto locksmiths will normally require this code so they can program your key's transponder chip to your vehicle.

Even without this code certain auto locksmiths may be able to get you up and running but it will normally require more jiggery pokery - reprogramming of the transponder receiver unit or ECU in the vehicle.

But my key is solid and not a battery powered remote key so I can't have a chip in it?

Just because you don't have a remote control style key with a battery in it doesn't mean the key does not have a transponder chip. Transponder chips do not require battery power as they are energised when inserted into your vehicle's ignition. In non-remote control keys the chip will be buried within the solid plastic key housing and is not accessible.

Always check out all your options before taking drastic steps like having someone bust the vehicle lock out. It's very rare that a vehicle lock need be broken out to get you moving.